Sacred Body – part 2

Recently, I heard people talking about the physical challenges they have been experiencing this year. Because I am moving through a similar process, I thought it would be a good idea to write on my blog about it. By now, you’ll have noticed that I like writing about my experiences in the hope they will [...]


Dea Venere (Goddess Venus) came to me on summer morning in Italy. I was standing where Her temple used to be at the times of Ancient Rome. Her energy unfolded me like a mantle made of thousands white rose petals. That was the image I was getting and the fragrance I was feeling, while my [...]

Your Voice

Many awakenings are happening in this world. We are living on the threshold between old and new, courage and love are rising from within, making their presence known in our beings. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman. You feel it within you like a pressure on your heart, as if [...]

Awakening Medusa

"There is nothing safe about me... you want to know yourself? Then follow me to the abyss of your being.." Goddess Medusa (though Michela)   Many years ago, between my teens and adult years I had strange and powerful dreams. At the time, I was dreaming of powerful energies and different realities almost every night. I [...]

Sacred Body

Last night I felt my Womb pulsating. It was like a heartbeat but deeper. Its sound was gentle like a drop of rain falling on a leaf but powerful like the vibrations of a thousand drums. I looked down at my body, the natural curve of my belly and I thought "how a body so [...]


Have you ever felt scared and exhilarated at the same time? You know, when you are facing that thing that really scares the hell out of you, but you want to experience it instead of running away from it? I am not really sure how to describe this, but I have this very deep primal [...]